Oh human, Can’t you see!

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Oh human
Can’t you see!
I am precisely like you
I don’t like being humiliated
I am no one’s doormat
I’m person in my own right

When I was born
I was born innocent
Happy and free

And I want to live
A normal life
With dignity
Wouldn’t you?

I realize there is a dawn
Waiting to be born
And that… after hardship… passes away
Ease will come to life… very soon

But… they inflicted so much
Pain and cruelty
Upon this little girl
And upon her homeland

The world is watching
Eyes open wide
In bewilderment
And disbelief

“What we are watching
Is a fiction movie
It’s not really true”

While in exile
Puzzled… I agonize
Wiping tears off my saddened face
Searching around
Any one there?

Looking up… into sky
Did You hear my cries?
Did You witness the crime?

Knock… knock
A gentle tap
Yes, coming
Who is there?

Hope is here
Smiling at my heart
Standing by my door

Anlogue Boy


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