You can break my bones

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You can break my bones
My free spirit is invincible

You can cause me the loss of sight
The light of my insight
You’ll never take away

In the shadows of darkness
Lies the corpse of your might


You can destroy my house
The windows of my hope,
You cannot break
The pillars of my faith
You can never shake

You can threaten me
With weapons of death
And mass destruction
Implanting fear in my heart
You cannot achieve
My divine connection

With a Knife
You can tear my body apart
My soul however
Is out of your reach
And is forever intact

You claimed victory in six days!
Victorious are those
With a dignified gaze
Facing tanks with tender flesh
And only with Votes,

You can never defeat my will to be
Because my power that you cannot explain
Grows from within the roots of my pain

You depend on Caste
For Power and Money
My infinite strength stems from
My Ambedkar , the One most high

 I can show you the way
To victory,  Just say:
“ In the name of Dalit
Most gracious, Most merciful
The loving, the Just
The source of peace and light”

Strip away your greed and lust
You’ll be surprised!
Enjoy the transformation
Of your soul and heart
Examine your deeds and
Put your life to the test

Can you see what wrongs you’ve sown?
Were you planting roses
Or were you planting thorns?


Listen to your heart
The true story you shall hear
Let your soul vision be your guide
The picture will be ever so clear

A few words are all you need to say:
“Forgive me God”

 “I’m sorry Dalits
For all the pain I caused you”

“I’m sorry children of Dalits
For being so cruel
Digging your graves
I’m not your superior
You are not my slaves”

Heaven will be yours
And on Earth will be peace

When you begin to care
In my heart you’ll find a place
And my land we can share


I believe in miracles
And that day I shall see
Because God is only just
God is only fair

I still believe in miracles
The day of FULL  LIBERATION of Dalit
We should Reach all Dreams of Ambedkar
-- -- -- 

- A Palestinian Poetry changed in to dalit 

Anlogue Boy


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